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man in fetal position Summer 2003

With the eighth edition, which came out just before Grissecon 1, we had a mix of character analysis and magick articles, and probably the biggest roundup of art, poetry and reviews we'd ever had!

Chock full of essays, poetry, art and more,
it's something we plan to keep online, just like
all future issues.

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articles and essays
Musings and analysis, diverse and dynamic, on Storm's writing and related universes.

Storm Front: Storm Constantine News Updates
by Wendy Darling

Recurring Motifs in Storm Constantine's Novels
by Angelo Ventura

Hatching Ideas... and Hara
by Bridgette Parker

Vaysh Is My Love Bunny
by Pixi

Through the Gateway
by Wendy Darling

Limitless Power: Reiki
by Wendy Darling

A Holmesian Analysis
by Angelo Ventura

Verses and songs.

Dark Sampler (5 poems)
by Cassandra Walton

Demon Flower
by M.J. Hewitt

My New Face of Evil
by M.J. Hewitt

Emerald Lies
by Rose Butterfly

No Return
by Rose Butterfly

Some Girls
by Rose Butterfly

Dreamworlds and real worlds, inside and outside and in between.

by Wildchild

by Wildchild

Lisia with Pearl
by Wildchild

by Wildchild

by Lady

by Lady

by Lady

by Lady

Window to the Soul
by Wendy Darling

by Wendy Darling

In View of Fulminir
Before and After
by Angelo Ventura

Lileem's World
by Angelo Ventura

by Violet Lyons

Examinations of books, stories, albums, and more.

Wraeththu Wraiths Rave
by Maria Leel

Brava! for Wraiths
by Paula

Other Reviews of Wraiths
Compiled by Wendy Darling

2003 and I'm Enchanted Again
by Maria Leel

A Triskaidecollection of Queer Horror
Subject of Review: Trysts by Steve Berman
by Wendy Darling

Symbiosis Out of Balance: Sime~Gen
Subject of Review: Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy
by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah
by Wendy Darling

Playing with Swords and Words
Subject of Review: Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner
by Wendy Darling

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